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Lappeenranta Sandcastle theme for 2017 is 'Finland 200 years'

This summer, the Lappeenranta Sandcastle will be erected for the 14th time on the fortress headland. The Sandcastle will be open for visitors from June 4 to the end of August. This year's Sandcastle theme is 'Finland 200 years', which visualises life 100 years from now, in honour of the centenary of Finland’s independence.

The sand sculptures will portray predictions of what Finland will be like in 100 years,” says the Sandcastle’s project manager, Sculptor Kimmo Frosti.

As a new feature in 2017, the Sandcastle will be cooperating with the Lauritsala School of Lappeenranta. About twenty of the school’s pupils, in grades 3 to 6, have created ideas for sand sculptures, under the guidance of their teacher Annika Lönnroth. The final ideas that were chosen include: a car, a school, a holographic clock, Lappeenranta and a home in 2117. Working in groups, the pupils are currently preparing news clips on these topics, in optional iPad courses. The news clips will be published on the Sandcastle website and on social media.

The pupils’ ideas will also be incorporated in the sand sculptures, along with the other topics. This year’s professional sculptors come mainly from Spain, Latvia and Russia. In particular, the number of young Russian sculptors who have had classical training in sculpting is higher than before,” says Frosti.

The mother of tourist attractions includes a chapel

The City of Lappeenranta Tourist Information Services is responsible for daily operations at the Sandcastle and the City will offer summer jobs, at the Sandcastle, to 20 young people. Information and maps are available at the Tourist Information Point located at the Sandcastle site. Bicycles, kayaks, SUP boards and row boats are available for hire there and Tourist Information also sells tickets to rides and the street train.  

The Sandcastle is, in a way, the mother of all tourist attractions in Lappeenranta; it is a place where foreign tourists can easily start their exploration of the city and Lake Saimaa. There is plenty of free parking nearby and the street train also stops at the Sandcastle site,” City of Lappeenranta’s Head of Marketing and Customer Service Mirka Rahman points out.

As in previous years, the Sandcastle site offers sand sculptures, a café, an ice cream stand and amusement rides ─ a bouncy castle, a carousel and a small train. The favourite of younger children – a large sandpit – as well as a miniature golf course, a cinema and a children's theatre can also be found at the Sandcastle site, this year.

The chapel, which was first built in 2016, will once again be completed this year. Maintained by the Lappeenranta parish, a daily service will be held at the chapel. The chapel is also available for weddings and christenings.

The actual construction of the Sandcastle, in Lappeenranta Harbour, will be carried out by Project Manager Kimmo Frosti along with some twenty sculptors, in collaboration with Wirma Lappeenranta – a regional business development centre owned by the City of Lappeenranta – and its cooperation partners.

For further information, please contact:

Construction and implementation: Kimmo Frosti, Tel. +358 50 321 8833, kimmo@frostiart.fi
Business cooperation: Antti Tuomaala, Tel. +358 400 658 203, antti.tuomaala@lappeenranta.fi
Tourist information: Mirka Rahman, Tel. +358 40 849 9161, mirka.rahman@lappeenranta.fi


Opening hours

Sandcastle area is open 4 June31 August from 10am - 21pm in summer 2017

Upon arrival at Lappeenranta from the direction of Lake Saimaa, a castle made of sand protecting the city bay unfolds on the horizon against the walls of the Fortress. You can enjoy theatre and music performances in the area as well. Entertainment for children also includes a small train and a carousel. Various "Finland 200 years" theme days are held at the Sandcastle and there is a miniature golf course nearby, among other things.

About three million kilos of sand are used in the building of the castle. The sand is bound for moulding with a glue mixture and skilful sculptors work their magic on it to build an impressive castle with towers and a chapel. Some of the Sandcastle sculptors are local artists and some come from the Spain, Latvia and Russia.



At the Sandcastle street train stop, you can easily embark on a nice tour of Lappeenranta city centre. The guided headphone tour has four language options (Finnish, English, Russian, German, Chinese.)

Operating dates and times

4.6.-13.8., 19.-20.8. and 26.-27.8.

Street train leaves from Sandcastle every hour

Mondays at 12-17 and Tuesdays to Sundays at 11-17


Adult €5
Children €2
Family ticket €10 (2 adults + 2 children)
Day ticket: adult €7, children €3.

It´s a hop-on/hop-off service: you can leave the train at any of the stops.

Street Train Lappeenranta 2016

You can also hire Street Train to privat use: Antti Tuomaala, Tel. +358 400 658 203, antti.tuomaala@lappeenranta.fi



Lappeenranta Tourist Information serves visitors at the Sandcastle, updated info coming soon!

4.–25. June and 1.–31. August: Mon–Sun 10.00–18.00

26. June – 31 July: Mon–Sun 10.00–20.00


Bicycles, kayaks and rowing boat are available for rent at the Sandcastle tourist information point.



More info coming soon.



Who creates the sand sculptures?

This year the sand sculptors are all professionals. They come from Finland, Canada, Holland, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.

How are the sand sculputers made?

First the sand is packed into molds using water and compactor. After the packing the sculputre is made from top to botoom. The molds are removed as the sculpting progresses.

Is there something mixed with the sand?

There is nothing but water mixed with the sand. The sand is particular type of sand that fits into creating sculptures. The scultpure is finished by spraying it with Finnish Kiilto 66 yleis-/puuliima glue-water mixture to get its hard surface.

What happens when it rains?

Normal rain does not hurt the sculptures. It here is a continued heavy rain, the surface of the sculptures may be hurt and the we will make repairs on them.

What kind of tools are used in making the sculptures?

The sculptors use different kinds of spatulas and splints, shovels and so on. Many of them have also created theri own tools that they like to use.

How long does the sculpture last?
Sculptures last a long time weather permitting. If the surface is broken, the sculpture breaks.

Please do not touch the sculptures :)